College EduRank: July 2016 – which College has topped the charts for the first time?

West Suffolk College rose an impressive 53 places to top the College EduRank charts for the first time. This was down to their perfect score of 100/100 on Instagram, and Google+. You can read our interview with Danny Hewitt, Marketing Officer at West Suffolk College, on how he drives the social media content for the College.  

However, there were some big climbers for July; one of these was Cirencester College, who climbed a staggering 284 places to enter the top 40 at number 39. This dramatic rise was down to their Twitter performance; where their score increased from 30/100 to 66/100.

The College reported on their students’ involvement in the Service National Citizen series, using the #NCS hashtag to help elevate their content. Their posts, which covered the event, meant that people could follow the success and news stories direct from their Twitter page; this made the College a go-to news hub which really captured the latest developments. This was ideal for parents, students and members of the local community who wanted to follow the updates.

The most popular tweet combined the hashtag with an impressive image of a pupil learning to surf in the open water. The content from this post alone generated 10 likes and six retweets.


Another big mover for July was Bishop Auckland College, who climbed 217 places from 371st to 154th. Unlike Cirencester College, Bishop Auckland College enjoyed the majority of their success on Facebook, where their score doubled from 24/100 to 42/100.

The College’s top performing post on Facebook was an advert for one of their new courses. The College used comical emojis to capture the Facebook users attention and to help the post stand out on a newsfeed. The colloquial tone of the post appeared to work well for their target audience, as it generated 17 likes and 37 shares.


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