College EduRank: June 2016

Lowestoft College topped the charts for the first time in June, climbing an impressive 187 places. This was down to their scores on Facebook and Instagram, which rose to 75/100 and 63/100 respectively.

So, what did Lowestoft College do to secure this score?  

The College’s Achievement Awards generated a large amount of UGC (user generated content), which was then published across both Facebook and Instagram. Below was one of their top performing posts on Instagram, the College has used to a variety of hashtags to ensure that the content can be found easily. These types of post are not only great for showing off the College’s success, it also prompts interaction with current students, who are more likely to engage with posts that their classmates appear in.


One of the biggest movers in College EduRank for June was Duchy College, who climbed an impressive 307 places to finish the month in 27th place. Duchy College posted an impressive 45 times in June, compared to May when they only posted once. This highlights the importance of posting regularly to gain more engagement from your followers.


Over on Facebook, the College uploaded a picturesque video from their Open Day and Food Festival. This generated over 23 ‘likes’ as well as one share. Here, the College are not only showcasing their agricultural facilities, but the video also appeals to people who perhaps like animals and enjoy the outdoors; therefore the post doesn’t just have to be specific to College goers.

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