College EduRank: May 2016

West Suffolk College have gone from strength to strength, after soaring into the top ten last month, the College have upped their game even further and shot to the top spot. This was down to their perfect Instagram score of 100/100 for the month. They used the platform to showcase some of their impressive USPs, to advertise an Open Day which other colleges may not be fortunate to have. This was a great technique to attract potential students to attend open days and hopefully enrol.


Thomas Rotherham College were the biggest movers last month. The South Yorkshire based College jumped an impressive 343 places from 366 to 23, which was down to their improvement on both Facebook and Twitter. The College enjoyed an average of 181.7 engagements per post, compared to the sector average of 7.1.

So, what did Thomas Rotherham College do to secure this score?  

The College’s top post was congratulating ex-student, and now professional footballer, Jamie Vardy on his Premiership win Leicester City. On Facebook, the post generated 499 shares and 1.2k reactions. The post displayed an impressive image of Jamie Vardy, as well as a line of copy outlining that he was a former student at the College; which perhaps might provide inspiration to former and current students.


Over on Twitter, the College made sure to include Leicester City and James Vardy’s handles within the tweet. This provides further context, as well as increasing the reach of the tweet. This news story would have been trending throughout the day, so the College did well to react effectively to boost engagement with a hyperlocal angle.  


The College were very lucky to have Jamie Vardy as a past student, but it doesn’t mean that other past pupils aren’t doing well too. Maybe this could be a new social media series where colleges share the success of their former students?

It’s always important for a educational institutions to post consistently on all of their active accounts, if you want to see your engagement levels increase. B6 Sixth Form College climbed an impressive 258 places to 58 in May, which was down to their 18 Instagram posts during the month. In April, the College did not post on these channels at all, and their score suffered.  Ensure you don’t restrict your engagement levels by neglecting key social media platforms.

B6 Sixth Form College top post on Instagram achieved 28 likes. Despite the post being relatively simple, it was uplifting and the use of hashtags allowed the content to be found easily.


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