College EduRank: November Highlights – Which College topped the charts for the first time?

Ayrshire College hit the top spot the College rankings for the first time, replacing The Manchester College in the EduRank charts. Ayrshire College achieved the perfect score of 100/100 on Twitter. The College tweeted a series of content surrounding a talk on how females are represented in the media, which included a panel of experts discussing equality. The College made sure to use a consistent hashtag which meant the content could be found easily on the social media platform, as well as allowing people to digitally jump onto the conversation and get involved in the debate. As we can see from the retweet below, people were engaged with the social media coverage.


The College’s top performing tweet from the coverage was an image which included Paralympian, Kayleigh Haggo, who was on the panel at the event. The post generated a number of ‘likes’ and retweets as the issues stretch further than the student community. People who are passionate about feminism and equality would also be keen to see this content. It also works as a good recruitment tactic for the College too, this is because prospective students (and their parents) would be pleased to see that Ayrshire College are prepared to talk, and publicise, about wider issues than just student achievements. These types of posts on social media could inspire students to apply to the College. Working with social media champions like Olympians, celebrities, bloggers or online influencers can spread your reach outside of your existing sphere of influence and attract new audiences and opportunities.

The biggest mover in the College EduRank charts for November was Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College, who climbed an impressive 315 places to enter the top 40 at number 39. The College upped their game on Facebook, which saw their score rise from 30/100 to 58/100. This rise can be attributed to content around promoting opportunities for young people with learning disabilities to play sport at the college. This post highlights that College takes this very seriously, which is important to showcase to prospective students who are looking to apply. Like Ayrshire College, these types of posts are really important for driving student recruitment. It’s also great for current students too – who perhaps might have been unaware that this new initiative has started.

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