College EduRank: September Highlights – Which College are making their robotics course come alive?

The College of North West London has secured the top spot, in the College EduRank charts, for the first time, climbing an impressive 73 places. The College received 100/100 on Facebook, which was down to their inspiring posts, which promoted a variety of courses.

This was one of the College’s most popular posts. The imagery is striking and this type of course isn’t particularly common, which helps the content stand out on the Facebook news feed. Also, prospective students might not have been aware that these type of courses even exist, which explains the large number of Facebook reactions.

Over on Instagram, the College have used the image based platform to share news via posters. Although this isn’t technically what Instagram is used for, it does mean that their followers can remain up to date with any College updates. It will be interesting to see if the College continues to do this in the coming months.

However, it was Trinity College Bristol who made the biggest impact in the College EduRank charts for September. Climbing a staggering 366 places, the College jumped from 426 to number 60. Their most popular post came from Facebook, which announced 25 years of service from the College’s Executive Director. These types of posts perform well as people like to get an insight of what is going on behind the scenes at institutions. The post generated an impressive 114 interactions on Facebook; which represents a combination of past and present students who would enjoy celebrating the success of one of the College’s key members of staff.

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