How did The Manchester College top the charts for the first time?

As mentioned in our October update, The Manchester College topped the charts for the first time. The College climbed an impressive 45 places to replace The College of North West London after an excellent month of Grade A digital activity.

Rob Barnes, Digital Marketing Manager at The Manchester College, spoke to us about how the College achieved its digital success. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Rob, first of all congratulations on reaching number one! Other than EduRank are there any other tools you use to keep track of the success of your digital marketing activity?

We also use CYFE dashboards to pull in key reports from all our social media channels and monitor our organic, direct and social media traffic in Google Analytics.

Tell us a little more about your social media marketing activity; where do you take inspiration from? What is your most successful channel? How does it contribute to your overall digital marketing strategy?

We have taken huge inspiration from our new brand, our city and everything that’s happening in and around the College. We try and cover as many events and activities as possible and complement that with topical content, trying to add in as many fun posts as possible. Facebook probably edges it over Twitter and we always try to use their latest features.

What does social media marketing success look like to you? What sort of metrics do you set yourself in order to measure how successful your activity is?

We had a goal of reaching number one in EduRank by January 2017 and we’re delighted to have achieved that! We have the ongoing aim of driving as much social media traffic and leads to our website as possible and ensuring our engagement levels on each social channel remain high.

What are your favorite marketing resources and why do you find them useful?

Social Media Examiner for the latest industry tips and tricks. The IAB are fantastic, particularly as their conferences are free for advertisers to attend and they attract some of the world’s biggest tech companies to present.

The world of social media and the seemingly limitless engagement options it presents are ever evolving, what’s next for you? Are there any platforms you are keen to start using which perhaps you aren’t already?

Half the battle is keeping up with the evolution of social media and coming up with new and engaging content ideas. We’re now aiming to engage more with our target audience through Snapchat.

When did you start using EduRank?

A year ago.

Why is EduRank important to your digital marketing efforts and what features do you use on a monthly basis to help monitor your efforts?

Because of its standing in the industry and the insights they provide. We use these valuable insights to benchmark how we’re performing against other colleges and universities and to learn from what they’re doing to ensure we are keeping our standards as high as possible.

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