How did Thomas Rotherham College climb 343 places in May?

Thomas Rotherham College have a lot to celebrate about; they jumped from 366 to 23 in the College EduRank charts. It was the College’s dramatic improvement on Facebook and Twitter which really contributed to the ranking increase.  


So, how did they do it? We spoke to Catherine Duncum, Marketing Officer at Thomas Rotherham College to find out what they do to deliver great social media content.

Hey Catherine, congratulations on an epic month on social media. Other than EduRank are there any other tools you use to keep track of the success of your digital marketing activity?

I usually use each social media’s own analytics such as Facebook insights and Twitter analytics to keep track of our followers and top posts/tweets – this is regularly checked but documented monthly.

When did you start using EduRank?

Only recently – May 2016

Why is EduRank important to your digital marketing efforts and what features do you use on a monthly basis to help monitor your efforts?

This is a great tool to keep track how Thomas Rotherham College’s digital presence compares to other institutions, what works and what doesn’t and which social media tools are most popular with our target audience. The overall ranking and profile statistics are particularly useful.

Tell us a little more about your social media marketing activity; where do you take inspiration from? What is your most successful channel? How does it contribute to your overall digital marketing strategy?

I regularly liaise with the College’s careers department to find about any current education news and opportunities for our current and former students. I also reach out to senior management, Heads of Department and the Sports Department for any good news stories. Our ladies football team have done particularly well this year and updates on this have been very popular!

Most successful channel is definitely Facebook, we currently have two main pages; one for current students, one for our alumni. Posts are tailored to suit both pages.

What does social media marketing success look like to you? What sort of metrics do you set yourself in order to measure how successful your activity is?

I want all posts to share the benefits of coming to the college; what we can offer our students and what support is available to our students during their time here and after they leave. I measure success by observing what reach posts have compared to other posts as well as our competitors, whether a post has affected an increase in followers, or an increase in interaction. I also liaise with our admissions department to see if there has been an effect on our application and enrolment numbers.

What are your favourite marketing resources and why do you find them useful?

I personally prefer old-school tactics! I like to use my own research on local college competitors (through social media, local and online press etc) as well as regular meetings with senior management to gain first-hand knowledge of the education sector and what courses are popular with prospective students. I also talk regularly to current and prospective students at events to gain perspective on how both students and parents use social media, as well as how they receive information on their choice of college.

The world of social media and the seemingly limitless engagement options it presents are ever evolving, what’s next for you? Are there any platforms you are keen to start using which perhaps you aren’t already?

To continue to build our popularity on Twitter and YouTube as well as Facebook, and possibly branch out to the ever growing Instagram. This could be a great outlet to share good news stories, as well as important information on our Open Evenings and Higher Education events.


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