University EduRank: July Highlights – which University is a Poké Spot

The University of the West of Scotland returned to the top of the EduRank charts for the first time since January, climbing five places. The University’s most successful social media channel for July was Instagram; where they enjoyed a solid score of 91/100.  

One of their top performing posts was achieved by jumping on the Pokémon Go hype; announcing that parts of their campus were Poké Stops. This post was published at the perfect time – when #Pokémongo was trending across all social media channels and constantly mentioned in the national press. Here, the University have made the most out of a viral trend to boost engagement figures.


However, City University London were the biggest climbers last month. The University jumped an impressive 140 places from 156th, to enter the top 20 in 16th place. The University of Portsmouth were also another big climber who rose 103 places to 20th.

Both universities saw improvement on Instagram; after posting much more consistently in July than they had in previous months. City University London increased their posting on Instagram from one post in June, to 51 posts in July. By increasing the number of posts, City University London saw a total of 4,083 engagements in July, with an average of 80 engagements per post. Their top performing post captured the moment of a new graduate, this image helps inspire future students, as well maybe providing some nostalgia for past graduates too.


The University of Portsmouth performed well on Twitter, which contributed to their success in July’s EduRank charts. One of the University’s top-performing tweets linked out to a local news article; providing information which was beneficial to the student community in Portsmouth. Current and future students would have found this useful, which explains why the post enjoyed 41 retweets, as people wanted to share the statistic.



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