University EduRank: March Highlights

The University of Chester climbed an impressive 22 places and entered the top ten for the first time.

Their top performing post on Facebook was linked to the airport tragedy in Brussels, where they shared an article from the local paper to let their followers know that everyone from the University was safe. This time sensitive post generated 575 interactions and 65 shares. Although it wasn’t linked directly to a social media campaign, it was important for the University to promote this information publically to parents, students and lecturers in a respectful way.


The University’s Instagram account was much more positive. The institution engaged with their followers by sharing images of beautiful sunsets taken on the campus. They directly tagged the users who’d submitted these images within the post; which meant that more people who may not follow the University could still see the image and engage accordingly – therefore increasing its visibility on the platform. This post generated an impressive 109 likes and was a great way to promote the beauty of Chester to prospective students. 



Shai Vure, Digital Marketing Manager at the University of Chester said: “We closely monitor the news and share relevant mentions of the University of Chester with our audiences. Stories that tap into local city pride, graduation (we also have a graduation ceremony in March) and popular sports teams and clubs (like our Cheerleading squad) do well. We also share a lot of student generated content on our Instagram account. We probably have more content on our Instagram account than many other universities in the sector.”

Oxford University have fought off the competition and held on to their position at number one for the second consecutive month. The University’s score on YouTube improved from 74 to 100, which clearly shows that their video production team are doing well in various video marketing campaigns, for example their subject specific videos which outline the facilities and what each course entails did very well last month, generating around 2000 views. The total number of video views increased to 428,222 in March, compared to 9,503 views in February.

Over on Twitter and Facebook, the University’s posts which celebrated Albert Einstein’s birthday performed the best. The posts included an image, as well as an inspirational quote, based on the importance of education, which naturally matches their target audience.


Their top post on Instagram was ideally suited to the image based platform. The University posted a beautiful image of the sun setting in Oxford, which gained 4,795 likes.


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