University EduRank: May Highlights

In first place…

After spending three months at the top of the University EduRank, Oxford University have been knocked off first place by De Montfort University, who have climbed two places up the ranks with perfect scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Their success on Facebook was down to a video post celebrating Leicester City FC’s victory in the Premier League – this post received over 22,000 engagements.  As we have seen in previous months, social media posts that celebrate the stories and achievements of the local community are great for driving engagement amongst students – talk about the same things they’ll be talking about in their lives outside of University.

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Biggest Climbers

The biggest climber of the University EduRank in May was Chelsea College of Art & Design, who have jumped up an impressive 112 places from 150th to 38th thanks to an improved Instagram score. Their activity in May saw them score 76/100, up from a 43/100 the month prior.

By increasing the frequency of posting to their Instagram profile, their engagements increased from a total of 3,961 in April, to 10,059 in May, with their average engagement-per-post rising from 46.1 to 51.3. Their top performing post received 150 likes, and showcased the work of a student who had secured an internship.


Another big climber in May was the University of Essex, who climbed 93 spots from 115th to 22nd place. This was partly down to their YouTube performance, which saw them massively improve their score from 17/100 in April to 100/100 in May.

This improvement was achieved through this short video, which follows a student’s three-year story in just 15 seconds, and received over 46,000 views.  This was the top-performing piece of content overall for the UK University sector in May.

This reiterates how both video and storytelling are highly engaging techniques. As we know, video is rapidly becoming the most consumed type of media, with the average time being spent watching video online each day to increase by 19.8% in 2016 (according to ZenithOptimedia’s Online Video Forecasts). However, as it becomes increasingly more difficult to capture people’s attention, perhaps the promise of only taking up 15 seconds contributed to the high levels of engagement with this video.

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