University EduRank: September Highlights – Which Institution secured a perfect score on YouTube?

Congratulations to De Montfort University, who excelled on YouTube in September to enjoy a perfect score of 100/100 – which saw them top the University EduRank charts. The University used the platform to share some of their TV adverts, which promoted their Open Days. One of the edits generated an impressive 709,265 views. The video content is inspirational and creates a sense of prestige for the University, in an impressive superhero style format. Not only would this content convince prospective students to apply, but current students and alumni will also enjoy sharing the content too. It complements the bold branding which is apparent on the University’s website.

The University also performed very well on Twitter, enjoying a score of 98/100. This is down to their consistent posting on a variety of interesting topics. One of the University’s top performing tweets from September was an announcement, linking to a blog post, highlighting how their institution’s research has benefited the local area. This post was  of interest to everyone in Leicester, not just students at the University. The content might have performed even better had the University chosen to include the Local Government’s Twitter handle –  it would have helped more people find the content and, therefore, generated more engagement.

The biggest climber for September was Arden University. The institution jumped an impressive 155 places from 173rd to enter the top 20 at 18. It was their perfect score on Facebook, which helped the Institution achieve this.


The post links out to an engaging article which outlines how to succeed with home study courses. The post generated an impressive 28 shares, which could be from potential students wanting to share the information with their peers. The imagery and choice of wording creates intrigue for the reader, especially at this time of the year, where the idea of slipping into something comfortable as the weather gets colder, is very inviting.

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