University EduRank: Which University would come 14th in the Olympics if they were a country?

Loughborough University have climbed eight places to top the EduRank charts for the first time. The University capitalised on The Olympics, which contributed to their 100/100 score on Facebook, by showcasing the success of the sporting stars who studied at Loughborough University. The post showed that if the University were to be a country, competing in the 2016 Olympic Games, they would have finished 14th in the medals table – impressive stuff.  Not only does this post highlight the sporting success of the institution, which will inspire prospective students to apply, it also sparks engagement from past and present students.


The post generated over four thousand reactions, with over one thousand shares. The University made sure to capitalise on the Olympics throughout August, with their top five performing posts being Olympic focused. It was the same story over on Twitter with the same image enjoying 163 retweets and 239 likes.

However, the biggest movers in the University EduRank charts last month was the University of Suffolk. The institution climbed 100 places to enter the top ten at number 6. This impressive jump was predominantly down to the University’s perfect score of 100/100 on Twitter, a vast improvement to their July score of 31/100. The University capitalised on Clearing during August to maximise engagement over on Twitter; their top performing Tweet was an inspirational quote which also showed their Clearing hotline. This was posted on the day of Clearing and would certainly provide comfort to students who hadn’t got into their first choice of University. Jumping on both the Clearing and the A Level Results hashtag meant that students could come across the content quickly. Our research indicated that students were using #ALevelResults day, while universities were using #Clearing, therefore it was a clever move from the University of Suffolk to use both.



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